Supported Solutions & Products

Contrinity delivers services related to a variety of products and solutions within several solution stacks from Symantec and BeyondTrust.
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Project Services

Contrinity can take complete ownership of your projects and can provide the following services for your solutions:



We will guide you in choosing the right solutions and products for your needs.



After the suitable solution has been chosen, we will help you with the design and prerequisites based on your company’s needs.



When solution design has finished, we have the engineers ready to help you implement the products within your UAT or production environment.



After or during the implementation phase, we’ll make sure your IT staff receives the correct training to maintain and operate the new solution.



Finally, we will provide a complete documentation stack for future reference and modifications.

Project Management

If necessary, we can deliver project management services to make sure your and our technical staff stays aligned with your business needs and to manage escalations, planning and scheduling details.

Managed Services

If your project has finished and all necessary training and documentation is delivered, we can provide post-implementation support, follow-up and coaching services. Now you can rest assure that we will keep on guiding you in best practices, future product upgrades and technical support if necessary.

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