Protecting Your Managed Workplace

Contrinity is a dedicated Symantec partner, specialized in Endpoint Management, Endpoint Security and Process Automation. Furthermore, we deliver consultancy and implementation services for Information Protection and  Web, Cloud and Messaging Security solution stacks.

Our gold partnership with BeyondTrust completes our Endpoint Management and Security portfolio with Remote Support, Privileged Remote Access and Password Safe solutions.

We are equipped with Master Certified and highly dedicated consultants with over 20 years of experience.

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Endpoint Management
Endpoint Security
Information Protection
Process Automation
Workplace Migration
Remote Support

Meet The Core Team

Gert Wuyts
Gert WuytsSales, Presales & Consultancy
Work, train, sleep repeat! The pool, a bike and some running shoes is all a good triathlete should know… Aside his deep-level technical skills, Gert is a very fluent communicator and a great help for customers to guide them in finding the solution they need!
Ricky Van Diepen
Ricky Van DiepenPresales & Technical Wiz!
Dr. Who? The doctor to avoid for his Taekwondo skills! Next to the battle against danger, Ricky’s technical skills surpass imagination… If a concept is even from far related to technology, he will know the way!
Davy Witvrouwen
Davy WitvrouwenPresales, Admin & Consultancy
Besides kicking at a ball on a football field and trying to be a handyman, Davy is very punctual with a mind set on details. Communication should be clear and perspicuous! A solution is not delivered until a customer tells him: This is exactly what we wanted!
Bart Van den Wyngaert
Bart Van den WyngaertPresales & Consultancy
When Information Technology becomes a hobby…
Bart will always go for the last mile to implement the solution as requested!
Dedication to technology!
Steven Vercruysse
Steven VercruyssePresales & Consultancy
Wood sculpting requires patience, time and most of all punctuality. While implementing security solutions, Steven effortlessly transfers these qualities to his assigned projects!
Tim De Clercq
Tim De ClercqPresales & Consultancy
Bouldering requires optimal concentration and perseverance. As a practicioner of yoga, these qualities are very important. By the way..they are also very appreciated by our customers!

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