Information and Identity Protection

Symantec™ Validation and ID Protection Service (VIP) is a user-friendly, leading cloud-based strong authentication service that enables enterprises to secure access to networks and applications without impacting productivity.

It provides the following feature set:
– Cloud-based infrastructure: Secure, reliable, and scalable service delivers authentication without requiring dedicated on-premise server hardware.
– Transparent risk-based authentication: Leverage device and behavior profiling to block risky logon attempts without changing the legitimate user’s logon experience.
– Broad range of two-factor options: Deploy hardware tokens and FREE software or mobile (supporting 900+ mobile devices) OTP credentials, plus out-of-band support via SMS text messages, voice phone calls, or email.
– Passwordless and Push logon options: Deliver a user friendly experience by eliminating the password using biometrics, or the 6-digit code using Push verification.
– Self-service credential provisioning: Deploy strong authentication to end-users without requiring IT helpdesk or administrator configuration or intervention .
– Enterprise infrastructure support: Integrate with popular VPNs, webmail, SSO apps, and user directories.
– VIP application integration: Add strong authentication using the VIP web services API in your preferred programming language or embed VIP into your application with the VIP SDK.

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Secure and control Privileged Remote Access for insiders and vendors without VPN.

With BeyondTrust PRA you can consolidate all your remote access needs into one platform that is built around granular control and a least-privilge approach.  Give users just the right level of access needed for their roles with individual accountability for shared accounts. Define what endpoints users can access, schedule when they can access them, and whitelist / blacklist applications if required. You can also control and monitor sessions via a secure agent or using standard protocols for RDP, VNC, Web, and SSH connections.

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BeyondTrust Password Safe unifies privileged password and privileged session management, providing secure discovery, management, auditing, and monitoring for any privileged credential. Password Safe enables organizations to achieve complete control and accountability over privileged accounts.

Password Safe Features and Capabilities

  • Continuous Automated Account Discovery and Auto-Onboarding: Leverage a distributed network discovery engine to scan, identify, and profile all assets. Dynamic categorization allows autoonboarding into Smart Groups for efficient management.
  • Secure SSH Key Management: Automatically rotate SSH keys according to a defined schedule and enforce granular access control and workflow. Leverage private keys to securely log users onto Unix/Linux systems through the proxy, with no user exposure to the key, and with full privileged session recording.
  • Application-to-Application Password Management: Eliminate hard-coded or embedded application credentials through an adaptable API interface that includes an unlimited number of Password Caches for scalability and redundancy.
  • Enhanced Privileged Session Management: Live session management enables true dual control, enabling admins to record, lock, and document suspicious behavior without killing sessions – or productivity.
  • Adaptive Access Control: Evaluate just-in-time context and simplify access requests by considering the day, date, time, and location when a user accesses resources to determine their authorization to access those systems.
  • Advanced Privileged Threat Analytics: Measure asset characteristics and user behaviors from one day to the next, assessing the scope and speed of any changes to alert you to suspicious deviations.
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